Waterworks Service Information

Your water service (& sewer if available) is provided by the City of Primera Waterworks Department. Your bill is paid at the City Hall & due upon receipt every month. (A late fee of 10% is added  after the 20th & subject to disconnection after the 30th. If disconnected a $25.00 reconnect fee is added to your bill). Your meter will not be reconnected until the entire balance (including the reconnect fee) is paid in full.

You can pay your bill by the following: checks, cash, money order, bank draft (we have forms here in the office/also need a voided check) or mail your payment to Primera Waterworks, 22893 Stuart Place Road, Harlingen, Texas 78552.


  • All owners must bring proof of ownership, picture I.D & a $100.00 deposit is required. A service fee of $50.00 is non-refundable. Total owner deposit $150.00.
  • All tenants must bring proof of leasing agreement, & a picture I.D. Tenants of rental property requesting water service to the property in their name where the property already has a water meter shall pay in an advance a fee of $25.00 to connect the water service & a fee of $25.00 for disconnecting the water services when it is terminated, & a deposit of $200.00. A total of $250.00 needs to be paid before water will be provided. The service fees of $50.00 is non-refundable.

You are also provided with garbage & brush service (only inside city limits). You are charged on your water bill for both services. Your garbage is picked up every Wednesday by Allied Waste. Please have bin out by 7:00 a.m. at your curbside or driveway. If you do not have a bin, please contact City Hall to have one delivered.

Your brush service is provided once a month. Republic Services will pick up your brush beginning the 3rd or 4th Monday of every month. Please be aware that it does take several days to remove all the brush in the city. You have 7 days prior to take out your brush/bulky items. (it cannot be taken out earlier or you will be fined). If it is not picked up, please notify the city hall. You can request a schedule from city hall for brush pick up dates. Please make separate piles, one for brush & one for bulky items. All refrigerators & air conditioners must have the freon removed by certified technicians with a tag on the appliance. They will not remove construction material or tires.





If you have any further questions, please call city hall at (956) 423-9654. City hall is open Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. To 4:45 p.m.

ONLY on disconnection day, the office will be open until 5:45 p.m. to reconnect service if the services have been terminated. After 5:45 p.m. services may not be re-instated until the following business day.


Waterworks Meter Calibration


How can I check calibration of my water meter?


If you are questioning the accuracy of the water meter, there is a test that you can perform to check this. Perform the following steps:



Make sure that no water is being used at the time of the test (i.e dishwasher, shower, faucet, toilet running etc.)

Empty a 1 gallon container into a 5 gallon bucket 5 times & mark the top of the water level with a black permanent marker to determine exact level for 5 gallons of water in the bucket. Empty the bucket; & you are now ready to begin the test.


  1. Run water from the hose bib until the weep hand on the meter dial is located at “0”. Have one person stationed at the meter to monitor this sweep hand.
  2. Place a 5 gallon bucket underneath the outside hose bib, making sure that it is on level ground.
  3. Fill bucket to the 5-gallon level & shut the water off.
  4. The sweep hand on the meter should now be located on the “5” representing 5 gallons of water has passed through the meter.


If after you have completed the test & you still have questions or concerns; please feel free to contact our office for further assistance at (956) 423-9654